Gluten Free & Vegan Cupcakes


If you have allergies or other dietary restrictions we still have yummy cupcakes for you! We’ve worked tirelessly to come up with some recipes that will accommodate your needs and produce an allergy-friendly cupcake!

Our vegan cupcakes are a moist chocolate base and fluffy vegan icing that is so full of flavor, you probably won’t be able to tell that it’s gluten, dairy and egg free.

Our gluten free cupcakes are topped with our classic buttercream or ganache and are made with a mix of tapioca and rice flour!

We have 6 Gluten Free cupcakes and 6 Vegan (which are also GF) cupcakes in store each day in a range of different flavours. Contact us if you would like to know what flavors are available in-store that day or just place an order online to secure your cupcakes or if you are wanting a larger amount. We’ll make sure to pick the best flavours for you!

May Contain Traces of Gluten as all cupcakes are baked in the same kitchen. We do pay extra attention on separating Gluten and Non-Gluten during production


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12 x Gluten Free Cupcakes, 12 x Vegan Cupcakes, 6 x Gluten Free Cupcakes, 6 x Vegan Cupcakes