Mother’s Day

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We bring you the most delicious gift for Mother’s Day! The box contains 6 different yummy flavours:

Crème brûlée: Vanilla cake stuffed with vanilla bean custard topped with vanilla bean custard buttercream decorated with caramelized sugar shards.

Black Forest: Double chocolate cake stuffed with cherry compote topped with a two tone vanilla icing

Plain Jane: Fluffy vanilla cake topped with vanilla butter-cream decorated with a hot pink gerbera flower

Quad Chocolate: Double chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache decorated with a white chocolate “Mum”

Plum & Vanilla: Vanilla cake stuffed with Black Doris plum topped with vanilla bean icing decorated with a gold fondant heart

Red Velvet: Light and fluffy red velvet cake topped with cream-cheese icing decorated with two pink fondant hearts

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12 x Cupcakes, 6 x Cupcakes